Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fighting Cancer with Critical Thinking

Everyday I hear of people who are in end stages of their fight with cancer.  They are losing and will soon lose.  It saddens me greatly because I know you can win the battle but so many people will never know that they can because they rely on modern medicine and their conventional care doctors to tell them that their own chance lies with chemotherapy and radiation.  Neither chemotherapy nor radiation cure cancer however, but rather attack the body's immune system and the good cells in the body.

People are afraid to question their doctors and use their own critical thinking because of the great esteem doctors are held in and because for the most part their doctors do base their knowledge on medicine that is supported by scientifically credible studies.  But people should question their doctors and use their own critical powers of thinking.  There are a number of reason why.  1.  Doctors and even cancer specialists are dependent upon pharmaceutical companies who have a lot to gain by selling expensive chemotherapy drugs.  2.  Medical schools do not teach alternative methods but are also influenced by studies that are funded by pharmaceutical companies.  3.  Pharmaceutical companies have the big bucks to invest in medical studies that study their own products.  4.  Potential cures that don't cost much will not be studied because there is no money in their promotion and studies cost a lot of money.

Instead of studies, then, a person who wants to know about alternative cures is going to have to rely for the most part on personal testimonies of people who have tried the cure and succeeded in curing themselves.  Personal testimony can be persuasive if is collaborated by many personal testimonies.  We should not be frightened off of personal testimony just because it is not a controlled experiment.  When you put a whole lot of personal testimony together it becomes an informal study.  The control group is already known:  those who are taking chemotherapy and radiation and are dying.  

The most widely hailed cure and preventative for cancer is the Budwig Diet.  It is a great pity that Steve Jobs did not discover this cure.  It is not only cheap and simple it cures within 6 weeks.  The cure rate is said to be 90%.  And when I say "cure" I mean that the cancer is gone.  One can learn about the Budwig Diet from the Budwig Center (http://www.budwigcenter.com/).  Their site hosts many examples of personal testimony of people who have been healed of cancer because of the diet.  The diet is simple:  it consists of flax seed oil and cottage cheese or kefir.  Just blend the two together, add some cinnamon and sweetener and eat it once a day.  Flax seed oil is an omega 3 the cells need to be healthy and fight cancer and cottage cheese or kefir gets it into the cells.  It is also inexpensive.  I take this daily as a preventative measure and it costs me about $25 every two weeks.  It not only tastes good it makes you feel good and supports your immune system. 

The second most widely considered support for the fight against cancer is found in Transfer Point's Beta 1.3D Glucan which can be found here (http://www.transferpoint.com/).  Although they cannot say it cures cancer because of the FDA's crackdown on such claims, they host many credible studies that hail its ability to build the immune system and fight cancer the natural way.  It too is cheap.  You can buy a bottle that lasts a month for $40 and some people use this as a preventative too.  In any case it is going to keep your immune system functioning in top form.  If you were to put these two together and eat a healthy diet you would have the best chance of winning the fight against cancer.

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